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WPM 10, The Arches, 13/3/11

Posted in fiction, Reading review by raymondsoltysek on March 14, 2011

Word per Minute linkTen months of the best west coast writers’ showcase, and still going pretty strong.  Alan Bissett is a late stand in for a sick rapper, and is, predictably, the most polished and accomplished of the readers.  His reading, from his first novel “Boy Racers”, is a fine scene of penile humiliation at the hands of the terrifying Rangers-supporting Wendy.

Juana Adcock writes in Spanish and English.  Her work is lyrical yet tackles muscular subjects, such as the astronomical scale and inhumanity of Mexican kidnapping.  The sound – which seems a bit echoey – doesn’t help her project, but she’s clearly talented, as is Hannah Nicholson, originally from Shetland. It’s fantastic to hear new young writers in proud Scots.  Lost a little in the echoes and just perhaps a little fast in its delivery, nevertheless she does well.  JL Williams, originally from New Jersey, has just had a collection of poems inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses published.  Her work is clever and erudite; unfortunately, lovely though it is, I’m afraid I’d need accompanying notes to understand the layers of allusion and reference, but that is most definitely my fault and not hers.  A retrospective showing of Swimmer One’s WPM3 slot completes the lineup: check out the WPM YouTube channel for more.

However, the show is stolen by the musical act, Shambles Miller, who sings of being angry about how kids misuse words like “epic” and “random”.  Smashing voice, good guitar and intelligent, witty lyrics.  Cannae ask fur mair.