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Pod Papugami Live Music, 2/8/11

Posted in Gig review, World music by raymondsoltysek on August 2, 2011
Mikromusic with David Korba

Mikromusic with David Korba

Pod Papugami is a tourist bar in the central square of Wroclaw. However, it is interesting in that it hosts live bands most evenings, and tonight is “Family Business”, with the emphasis on the business, says guitarist David Korba.

They are, however, pretty damned good. Essentially a pub covers band, they play jazz-funk that is effortlessly entertaining.  Korba is the star of the show; he is an excellent guitarist, with a gently lazy style that is ineffably cool.  I like his patience: he waits for his solos, knowing that even if he is the leader, he is nevertheless part of a whole that consists of a five-string bassist, a subtle drummer and a lead singer, Asia Kurasnik, who has a voice like thunder but who knows how to use her voice and a mike to integrate herself into the soundscape without dominating it.

Efficient covers include a rather nicely tingly version of Alicia Key’s “Fallin'” and a funky “I Wish”, and the band enjoy themselves on “Respect”.  Good stuff.

But this is a group of musicians who come together for the tourists to finance other, more worthy ventures; before he grabs the money and runs out the door, I have a chat with Korba.  What he is most passionate about is his Mikromusic project, and that looks very, very interesting.  I’ve been looking for some Polish music to buy before I leave, and this is it.  Check out their MySpace site:  “Slowa”, for instance,  is just lovely.  I’m off to the record store tomorrow.

ps – a word of warning.  Polish beer is very nice, but it’s very strong and makes you pee a lot.  I know.

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