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Does the humiliation of the de Menezes family never end?

Posted in Politics, Social justice by raymondsoltysek on October 31, 2009


News that Moir Stewart – criticised by the IPCC for failings during the early investigation of the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting because of suggestions that he delayed crucial information that indicated an innocent man had been shot – has now been appointed as director of investigations at the same IPCC seems unbelievably crass and insensitive.

You would think that the authorities, having got off the hook time and time again over the shooting, despite a damning inquest verdict last year, would keep their heads low.  But no.  Instead, they seem determined to glory in their Teflon-coated status.  As a result, the grieving family of Jean Charles see their concerns swept aside once more.  Perhaps “insensitive” is the wrong word – it seems almost deliberately and cruelly designed to grind their faces in the mud.

One wonders if there is an element of racism here, the almost explicit statement that until these uppity foreigners stop being bothersome and get lost, the establishment will rally round to let them know who’s boss and make their lives hell.

I am tired of this affair making me ashamed of being British.

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