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From Africa, August 2009

Posted in Travel by raymondsoltysek on September 30, 2009
Dancing at the Mwendo orphanage and school

Dancing at the Mwendo orphanage and school

After my holiday in Africa, I’m starting a project to raise funds for the Mwendo Needy Children Project on the shores of Lake Bunyoni in Kabale District, Uganda. The energy of the young teachers who run this scheme to support 500 orphans and other needy children is amazing, and I promised to try to raise money to buy some computers for them. More details to follow, but you can find them at


Gaelic education

Posted in Education, Society by raymondsoltysek on September 23, 2009

Am engaged in an interesting debate on the Times Education website about Gaelic education, with many teachers suggesting that as it’s a dying language, it should not be funded as a subject in schools. They miss the wider picture, I think.

It seems to me that every time a language dies out, the oral traditions, the histories and music and rhythms of a culture die too. To suggest that languages should just be allowed to wither for “practical” reasons is as shallow-souled and short sighted as allowing endangered species to die out for economic reasons. The result would be a world without natural and human beauty. This planet has been successful because of its vast, gorgeous diversity – and I reckon it’s worth paying a few quid to preserve that.

First Post!

Posted in Blogging by raymondsoltysek on September 22, 2009

Well, here it is. This will be a personal chat about my favourite subjects: books, music, left wing politics, justice, art, photography, football, education and lots more. I’ll also post updates on news about my terminal novel-writing activity.

It will also be a personal rant about some of my least favourite subjects, and they may be a bit more entertaining.

Let’s start off with a link to the fabulous Huffington Post – a Funny or Die video that is in the best traditions of good old American satire. Great to see stars from “House” and “Scrubs” going their bit for health care for all. Good to see Will Ferrell being funny for a change too!


Protect Health Insurance